Other Jewish-specific Teachings

These articles and teachings have a Jewish-specific purpose.

Jewish Holidays (other than HHD)

The Inner Practice of Chanukah
Rededicate the Holy on Chanukah by Repairing Your Inner Temple

Midrash on Torah Portions

Exodus: Shechinah and Mishkan
See also the Torah Journeys page and submenu items. You can purchase Torah Journeys through the Books page.

Midrash on Haftorah Portions

Haftorah Parshat Tzav
See also the High Holy Days teachings that present some sermons based on the Haftorah portions for the High Holy Days.

Midrash on Tanach Portions

Psalm 118 Musings
Song of Songs: Initiation onto the Path of Love
See also Rabbi Shefa’s book In the Fever of Love based on the Song of Songs. You can purchase In the Fever of Love through the Books page.

General Judaism

Jewish in the Wilderness
Judaism Is a Verb
Time, Space, Shabbat, Galut, and Israel
Yom Kippur Katan as a Preparation for Rosh Chodesh

Birkat HaMazon

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