Hebrew Chants

This section of the website is a repository for all the (primarily) Hebrew chants that Rabbi Shefa has developed and recorded for public use. The Chants & Practices page lists all chants in alphabetical order by title except for the Modah Ani chants, which are on the Flavors of Gratefulness page. You can use the Chants & Practices submenu items to access chants by category, where the chants within a category are listed alphabetically.

For quick access to recent chants, the New Chants & Practices page lists the 5 most recently added chants and the sidebar item on the right lists the 3 most recently added chants. To see older chants, go to the Chants & Practices page.

For information about the app for the Modah Ani chants, see the Flavors of Gratefulness App page.

Videos of Hebrew Chants

This section of the website also has chant-focused videos. When the C-DEEP YouTube channel becomes available, that page will provide access to all those videos. All other videos, not considered C-DEEP YouTube channel videos, are on the Other Chant Videos page. Normally, the ‘chant’ videos also include the kavanah for the chant and, therefore, could also be considered ‘teaching’ videos.