The Majesty of Nurture: L’takayn

L’takayn Olam b’malchut Shaddai
The Majesty of Nurture Hebrew text
Healing the World through the Majesty of Nurture (Alaynu)

These words are found in the prayer which is called “Alaynu.” It comes near the end of the prayer service and is meant to energize us for our holy work. This translation was given to me by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, whose dedication to the holy work of healing the world is an inspiration for me. The Divine name Shaddai is related to the word for Breast. It is an ancient name of God that invokes the Source of all nurturance.

As we chant these words, we align ourselves with the Majesty of Nurture by expressing the awesome healing power of compassion for all Life.

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For the musical notation, see The Magic of Hebrew Chant, page 249.

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