SOULIFT Summer 2018


First SOULIFT retreat

August 13-19, 2018
The Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat Center
in Santa Fe, NM

Rabbi Shefa Gold
with Rachmiel O’Regan, Judith Dack, and Yaffah Schnitzer

The Theme for the first SOULIFT retreat is Becoming Whole, Becoming Healers. The archetype of The Wounded Healer points us towards the path of becoming whole in order to become healers. This wondrous path leads us through self-awareness, self-compassion and compassion for all the world to becoming a healing presence — radiant, whole and available to the God-light that will shine through our unique refraction.

  • We will draw on the wisdom and vocabularies of neuroscience and spiritual practice to re-wire our brains and open our hearts to blessing.
  • We will reclaim the parts of ourselves that have been split off in moments of trauma, and release the residue of shame and alienation that keeps us from connecting with Unity Consciousness.
  • This retreat will include the modalities of Chant, Art, Movement, Energy work, and Healing Circles.

Our mornings will be filled with deep spiritual practices that will reveal old patterns of negativity and self-sabotage, and then open us to the possibilities of healing, wholeness and generosity. Our afternoons will be more spacious, allowing for integration of the power of our practice through art, movement, receptivity to the enchanted landscape of New Mexico, and the opportunity for massage, energy work and time for supported reflection and attention to the inner landscape. Each evening we will participate in a healing ritual to crown the day.

Our week of spiritual immersion will culminate in the glorious celebration of Shabbat, a day to revel in newfound possibilities, open to blessing, and step through the doors that have been opened by our practice.

To register for the retreat, go to the retreat’s page at the ALEPH site.