Calling Forth the Hidden Power: Kumah Adonai

Kumah Adonai, Hoshiyeyni Elohai
Kumah Adonai Hebrew text
Rise up YHVH, Save me, my God. (Psalm 3:8)

With this practice, I call forth the hidden power. I sing to the force that is hidden in my depths and in the secret places of this world. I sing with a bold demand and with a humble plea for that force to reveal itself. As I chant, I dedicate myself as a vessel for that power. I pray to be saved from the traps of superficiality. I pray to have access to depths of meaning and purpose rather than be a prisoner to the surface of things.

This practice was composed especially as a preparation for the High Holy Days.

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For the musical notation, see The Magic of Hebrew Chant, page 268.

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