Kol Zimra Cohort Photos

These photos show teachers and students in the various Kol Zimra cohorts.


KZ1 Elat Chayim in Accord NY (July 2004 to Jan 2006)

KZ2 Elat Chayim in Accord NY and Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT (July 2006 to Jan 2008)

KZ3 Albuquerque, NM (July 2008 to Jan 2010)

KZ4 Albuquerque, NM (July 2010 to Jan 2012)

KZ5 Albuquerque, NM (July 2012 to Jan 2014)

KZ6 Mendham, NJ (dates)

KZ7 Santa Fe, NM (July 2014 to Jan 2016)

KZ8 Mendham, NJ (dates)

KZ9 Santa Fe, NM (July 2016 to Jan 2018)