Other Chant Videos

This page has videos that include chanting (with some teaching), but these videos are not part of the C-DEEP YouTube channel. Being able to view a video may depend on your browser’s capabilities.

2016 in Israel

A short video clip (45 seconds) from the Israeli news on the day that Anat Hoffman and Neshot ha Kotel had the agreement with the Israeli government about mixed gender prayers. You can see Neshot ha Kotel marching into the Kotel area chanting Shefa’s version of Ozi ve Zimrat Ya. (Because this isn’t a YouTube video, you may have to wait until the video file downloads before re-viewing it smoothly.)

October 2013 JCC in Manhattan

The Cornerstone


Through the Waters


You Are My God

October 2013

Chanted on a Florida beach during the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association Convention: Sham eten et dodai lach (from the Song of Songs)

February 2013

Through the Waters chanted outdoors


Rabbi Shefa singing Eagle’s Wings