Upcoming Kol Zimra Trainings

Kol Zimra 9 began in July 2016 in Santa Fe, NM.

NOTE: This is the last Kol Zimra training led by Rabbi Shefa Gold, and as of 6/17/16, is now FULL. Please sign up for the quarterly newsletter (click subscribe and provide your email address) to learn about future trainings and retreats.

Schedule for Kol Zimra 9 (West)

  • First Retreat (July 25-31, 2016) in Santa Fe, NM:
    Forming the container for Sacred Work/Clarifying our Intention
    The Basics of Chant – Exploring the Uses of a Sacred Phrase and the Variables that Effect Consciousness. Cultivating Midot, qualities of Presence. Discerning and Practicing the Eight Functions of Consciousness in a Spiritual Group. Exploring the “Shadow” as it arises in group dynamics. Maintaining the energy body.
  • Second Retreat (January 23-29, 2017) in Santa Fe, NM:
    An Elemental Journey – We will deepen and expand our spiritual vocabulary through an exploration of the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. By discerning the gift, excess, deprivation and misdirection of these elemental forces, we can use chant to open to God’s Presence in ourselves and our world.
  • Third Retreat (July 24-30, 2017) in Santa Fe, NM:
    Chant as Medicine – We will enter into the mysteries of chant as vehicle of healing our hidden places of trauma, turning the sacred phrase into medicine for the residue of isolation, grief, fear and despair. We’ll learn to explore a Sacred Text in ways that reveal its medicine. We’ll learn how to construct a chanting service.
  • Fourth Retreat (January 22-28, 2018) in Santa Fe, NM:
    Chant as a Healing Modality – In the final retreat, we will use what we have learned to engage in a healing practice based on the model of the Mishkan. We will learn the silent meditation practice of Devekut that can form the foundation of our Chant and leadership.