Ecstatic Meditation Retreat

“The essence of faith is an awareness of the vastness of Infinity.”

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

Each year Rabbi Shefa Gold leads a week of Hebrew Chant and Deep Silence at the Fitzgerald Center in beautiful Jemez Springs, New Mexico.

quote from Reb Zalman

The Jewish practice of Devekut inspires us to open to the vastness of the Infinite, while releasing the content of thought, moment to moment. During this week of chant and silence you can connect to the Divine in the glorious setting of the Jemez Mountains. Rabbi Shefa’s philosophy behind Devekut is presented in her article entitled Meditation as the Foundation for Prayer.

Fitzgerald Center

The Fitzgerald Center in beautiful Jemez Springs, New Mexico is easily accessible from both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. All participants enjoy private accommodations during the retreat.

If you have questions, contact Rabbi Shefa.

For the 2018 retreat from June 4-10, register at the retreat page on the ALEPH site.