This website focuses on the rabbinate of Rabbi Shefa Gold. Her main concentration is Hebrew chanting based on Jewish sacred texts (primarily, Torah and Tanach) and chant’s use for transformative spiritual growth. She does this work through writing, developing and leading chants, presenting workshops, leading SOULIFT, meditation retreats, pilgrimages to sacred sites, and serving as scholar-residence for communities and conferences world-wide. See the Schedule page for her current public commitments.

Through 2018, Rabbi Shefa taught the Kol Zimra Leadership Training program. A big part of her work is the deepening and ongoing advanced training of Kol Zimra alumni through retreats, personal coaching, on-line classes, and group healing work.

Chant is the bridge between the inner life and the outer expression; between the solitary practice and the shared beauty of fellowship. When we chant we are using the whole body as the instrument with which to feel the meaning of the sacred phrase.
— Rabbi Shefa Gold

You can read her biography and many of her writings on this site. Some of her creative talent manifests as published books. You can buy them online on the Books store page.

Additionally, this site is a repository for the chants that she has developed for many years. These chants are available in written form, as audio files to listen to, and, in some cases, as videos. This site’s store has CDs available for purchase. These CDs include many of Rabbi Shefa’s chants professionally recorded.

To do the work, Rabbi Gold relies on a network of Kol Zimra alumni, other people, and other Jewish organizations. You’ll find information about these people and organizations throughout this site, too.

Lots of people chant and few become enchanted… Rabbi Shefa guides her [students] past the sentries of the legal/rational border into the sacred space of the charismatic/ecstatic realm.
— Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (z”l)