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April 2, 2010

As you know I had neck vertebrae surgery October 2007--an anterior cervical fusion at C5-6 to relieve the constriction on my spinal cord. This was caused by a congenital defect in my neck when I was born though I did not discover this until 2005. What a surprise.

The surgery was a tremendous help and I am much better than I was before surgery. However, now it seems the genetic malfunction in my neck is continuing, and I need a second surgery. Yeah, I need to have my neck cut open and repaired again. Sigh.

I have had several "Spirit-Buddy Sessions" on this. Thank goodness Shefa was home when I got the call from my surgeon's office a few weeks ago after my latest MRI's and X-RAYS. An additional Blessing was that David Goldstein from KZ2 was here for an intensive with Shefa. He was so kind and compassionate and a wonderful support to have here with us. Thanks David.

Since the pressure on my spinal cord at C4-5 and further encroachment on my C-5 is still mild (though some days it doesn't feel so mild!), I have more choice this time on being able to wait for a few months to have the surgery. Shefa and I are thinking to do it near the end of August after the KZ Alumni Retreat. My daughter is graduating from college May 21, my father will turn 90, God-willing, in June and there is a big family reunion, then the new KZ 4 cohort will begin the end of July, then the Alumni Retreat August 17-22. I pray I can do all these things before the surgery, b'Ezrat haShem (with God's Help).

I appreciate your prayers and support. My health is up and down, but I am going through another round of physical therapy which is helping. I plan to be as strong, healthy and ready for this surgery as I can be, so that my recovery will be as quick as possible...and see me really being able to drum again after this next surgery! I miss it soooo much.

I am holding you all in my Heart and I know you are doing the same for me.

Love, Rachmiel


 Rachmiel O'Regan, MA., Co-Director of C-DEEP: Center for Devotional, Energy and Ecstatic Practice, has been a workshop and ritual  leader, musician, singer, teacher and holistic health practitioner for more than 30 years and a master's level counselor for over 22 years.


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