"Receiving our Inheritance"

Zichru l’olam b’rito, davar tzivah l’elef dor.

Always remember his covenant,
The promise of a thousand generations.    (Chronicles 1, 16:15)

You can use this chant in order to connect with your legacy,
and open to receive the inheritance that is bequeathed to you through your ancestors.

And here is a message of permission and encouragement from your ancestor’s soul to you:

Kol ashayr bilvavcha asay,

Ki Ha-Elohim imach.

Do all that is in your heart, for God is with you.    (Chronicles 1, 17:2)


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"Zichru L’Olam B’rito" note    

"Kol Ashayr Bilvavcha" note    

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