Haftorah for Parshat Tzav:   Jeremiah, 9:22-23

by Rabbi Shefa Gold



Al yit'halel Chacham b'Chochmato


 (Let not the wise glory in their wisdom)


V'Al yit'halel hagibor bigvurato

  (Let not the strong glory in their strength)


Al yit'halel ashir b'ashro 

(Let not the rich glory in their riches)


Ki im b'zot yit'halel hamit'halel

 (If you must glory then glory in this)


Haskel v'yadoah oti


(That you understand and know Me)


Haskel v'yadoah oti.


For I am God who makes love and justice

and all that is Right...

In these things I delight

In these things I delight.




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