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I have always known the healing power of music, but over the years my explorations have deepened, and the meaning of healing has expanded. The practice of Hebrew chant has evolved to further this exploration and to dedicate the power of music to the power of healing. Chanting might be described as part science, part ecstasy and part mystery. I encounter a sacred phrase from Scripture; I study it with all my intellect, all my heart, and also with my body. Then I use everything that I’ve learned about the healing transformative forces of music to bring that phrase to life and unlock its particular power or “medicine.”


Over the years I have recorded a dozen albums of spiritual music. People have used my music for prayer, celebration, introspection or fun. And I have received grateful letters and emails from listeners who have used my melodies as part of their healing. Many have listened to my CDs during chemo or radiation treatments for cancer. And some have listened as they prepared for or recovered from surgery. And still others, sensing the potential of chant have asked me to make a CD that is particularly dedicated to healing. My beloved teacher Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi then asked me to record a CD of contemplative prayer that might be soaring as well as soothing.


My new CD, Chantsformations: Healing into Love is my response to those requests. It traces, the Journey of Healing through longing to celebration. I include in it the chants that have been for me, my most soothing, therapeutic, stirring, unifying, evocative and transforming practices.

 - Rabbi Shefa Gold  January 2011         




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